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Tiso Reneg is a graphic design and photography studio making the imminently elegant and radically cool wildly affordable. My name is G. Patrick Colvin, but you can call me Greg and I am an essentially self-taught photographer and graphic artist born and raised here in the Queen City. I grew up in Fairfax and graduated from Mariemont High School, and, except for living in Columbus while attending The Ohio State University (O-H I-O!) and working there afterward, I have always lived in Cincinnati. In the words of the great Winston Zeddemore, “I Love This Town!” (Kudos and 5% off to you if you got this reference.)  

I want to use my photography to capture images of beauty, whether it is a flower in bloom, a photo of an exotic animal or your pet, or a portrait of you, your children, or you and your children. I am still looking to find “My Style” if such a thing exists. As you can see from my LookBook, (link) I can and do shoot a number of styles from a clear and contrasty image straight out of the camera to a dreamy soft filtered image using the post-processing tools at my disposal. It all depends on the client’s wishes or what the image seems to demand, sometimes even within the same shoot. Having said that, if I feel an image would be better served with different choices in post, I will present you with both versions and the choice is yours. I just felt the need to clarify that point.   

Although I create striking images that compete with the best studios, our portrait sessions are structured and priced to make them available to every budget. Our starting session fee is under $100, and our print prices are in line with professional photo finishers in the area and online. Sessions can be shared with friends and relatives (see the Pricing page or start a chat for more details) and gift cards are available if you’d like to do a Hollywood session and have to save up to do it. I’ve been there and I completely understand. Why do you think I’m just now opening a brick-and-mortar studio in my 40s?

Whether you pick me for your team or not, I want to thank you for stopping by and checking me out! Click HERE to start a chat for more info or to talk about your next portrait shoot. I look forward to working with you.

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